Elit Electronic with a current 20 year succesful business history is now also a leader in the LED Lighting industry.Investments made earlier in 2004 into SMD production facilities has been the major reason for our early start into this new field of technology.Today we design and produce 100% of our Finest Lighting and decorative LED products which are bespoke and endless in variety.Finest LED products ensure all the LED atributes you require.
OUR VISION: To ensure a better use of critical environmental resources.
To provide long lasting and more efficient systems against rising energy costs.
As LED technology develops strive to deisgn and produce products aimed for specific purposes,then continue to develop them.
Reduce runnig costs by offering ultra low energy consuming LED lights and fixtures with life spans which enable acceptable and very acceptable pay back periods.
Contribute to the world and national economy with environmentally friendlly solutions.
Be a figure company with the products and services you provide on a local and international scale with the continuous desire to be beter.
OUR MISSION: Be the preferred supplier and a inovator with the upmost business ethics,products and solutions with value added from your staff and existing customer base.